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Alternative Education Providers in Nottingham

Educate Nottingham offer both one on one education and group lessons in Gedling and out of Nottingham City Council community centres. We offer a friendly, warm environment to make all learners feel welcome and bring out their confidence. Our education centres accommodate KS1,2 and 3 with a view to integrating learners back in to main stream education. We do have a small number of full time places.

We deliver a personal approach to learning and not only provide an Individual Learning Plan (ILP), but will provide a personal teacher (and support worker) who will be dedicated to your child's needs. They will liaise with parents/carers and schools on request and ensure that your child has confidence in the classroom and the best outlook for the future. 

We primarily focus on teaching maths, English and science however we are very passionate about adopting a holistic approach therefore we include mindfulness as the mental wellbeing of our young learners comes first.


Tuition for any age
Maths and English tuition
Qualified teachers
DBS checked
A personal tuition experience


Individual Learning Plans (ILP's)

Every learner will have an ILP drawn up before they can have their first session. ILPs are available for all parents/carers to view at anytime and staff will frequently provide feedback at fixed intervals throughout the year.

We aim to maximise practical learning where possible, as we believe that "doing is learning".  Visual aids are always present and we try to promote independent learning as much as possible. We use a range of learning strategies to ensure learners are getting the most out of each session and we have a very high staff to learner ratio. 

We work at a pace to suit each individual and ensure that all learners needs are met by focusing on the areas of the National Curriculum identified in the free assessment. 

Our aim is to ensure that everyone enjoys their learning with Educate Nottingham and achieves their full potential.  We focus on excellent communication with parents/carers to ensure everyone is receiving the service they anticipated.  


 individual learning plan (ILP) with our Private Tuition in Nottingham



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If you want to set up a free assessment for private tuition in Nottingham or to discuss your child's needs please contact us on 07852467722 

or email us on info@educatenottingham.co.uk




Dyslexia Screening Tests

We offer a dyslexia screening test to children aged 6 years and 6 months to 16 years and 5 months.  It consists of a number of small activities to indicate whether or not a child may be at risk of dyslexia.  The test takes around 30 to 40 minutes and includes a profile of strengths and weaknesses that can be used to guide the development of a child.  The screening is carried out by a qualified dyslexia teacher who can offer further advice.

To book a dyslexia screening test in Nottingham call us today.


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Math's private tuition in Nottingham

Math's tuition  in Nottingham


We have a comprehensive maths course covering all key areas of the National Curriculum as outlined by the DfE. All of our courses are designed specifically around your child's needs, ensuring that they work across the differing levels of the National Curriculum as diagnosed by their assessment. Our private tutors in Nottingham can spread the core area categories over ongoing tutoring sessions or cover a specific area in fewer sessions.

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English private tuiton in Nottingham

English tuition in Nottingham

English Tuition

Our English tuition offers a comprehensive and personalised  approach as we want to give your child the best opportunity to succeed in their learning journey. Many children have both strengths and areas for improvement across the English curriculum as it is known to be a very complex language.  We aim to help children retain their strengths and build on their areas of weakness by using different teaching strategies that suit each individual.  

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 60 minute session of private tuition in Nottingham

Up to 60 Minutes

We offer 40 minute sessions to KS1 and 60 minute sessions for the rest of our classes. You can book an individual session or by the block. 

Fully qualified private tuition in Nottingham, all tutors and staff are DBS checked.

Qualified Teachers

All of our staff are highly experienced professionals with many years experience teaching in educational establishments. 




   How Much?

 Each 60 minute session (KS1 -4) costs

£22.50 Individual booking

£20.00 Block booking (6 or more)

£30 for one-on-one tuition    KS 1-2

£32.50 for one-on-one tuition - KS 3-4   

£35 for one-on-one tuition - AS / A level 

£37.50 for one-on-one in -school tuition 

Each 40 minute session (KS1 only) costs 

£16.00 Individual booking

£14.00 Block booking (6 or more)

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 Educate Nottingham have helped our sons performance in English and maths at school. He's now much more confident with other subjects as his self belief has grown. 

Parent of Caelan - Barbara Kelly



  My daughter's attendance at Educate Nottingham improved her confidence with reading and writing. We are delighted with the her most recent school report and would like to thank Educate Nottingham for helping our daughter. Amy was very supportive and provided ongoing feedback. 

Grace's mother - Lillian 

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