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We are a private tuition provider in Nottingham focusing on delivering good quality educational services for areas that do not currently have an adequate provision.

We employ experienced teachers that have engaging personalities and effective teaching styles that bring out the best in our learners.

At Educate Nottingham we help our learners prepare for the following assessments:

  • Phonics screening - KS1 (5-6 year olds)
  • Standard Assessment Tests (SATS) - KS1 (6-7 year olds)
  • Standard Assessment Tests (SATS) - KS2 (10-11 year olds)
  • GSCE's - KS4 (14-16 year olds)
  • AS (Advanced Subsidiary) level examinations - Year 12 (16-17 year olds) - one on one tuition only
  • A (Advanced) level examinations - Year 13 (17-18 year olds) - one on one tuition only
  • Entrance tests given to pupils applying to independent schools at 3/4+, 7+, 11+, 13+ and 16+



 Private tuition in Nottingham

We believe that the best approach to all learning is to start preparing as early as possible in the new academic year and to attend a minimum of one session each week during term time.  

We also specialise in teaching children / young adults with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia, ADHD and autism.

After working with a number of families in their homes providing private tuition in Nottingham, we realised there was a high need for private tutoring in and around the area at an affordable cost. Our aim is to provide a fun and high impact learning environment suitable for learners of all ability ranges and needs through our education centres in Nottingham. We feel that our private tuition in Nottingham will assist young people in reaching the ever increasing demands placed on them by today's educational system.

We recognise the demand on young learners today and aim to build every child’s confidence in order to help them reach their full potential.

We all learn differently and understand that many children find it hard to retain information they learn.  We use a range of learning styles that are suited to each individual and aim to use as much practical learning in KS1 and KS2 as possible.  We assess learning regularly and will revisit subjects to ensure learning is retained.

All of our courses are designed specifically around your child's needs to enable them to be confident and assured learners; helping them to achieve their full potential.

All staff at Educate Nottingham receive robust and regular training to safeguard our learners to the highest of standards; ensuring they all feel safe and secure. Should you wish to speak about any safeguarding matters please contact Daniel Smith on 07964286856.   


DBS tuition in Nottingham

 DBS Checked

All of our staff and teachers at each of our locations are DBS checked.

Experienced Tutors in Nottingham

 Experienced Teachers

With over 17 years of experience you can trust us with the education of your child


Individual learning plan Tuition in Nottingham

 Individual Learning Plan

Providing individual learning plans, we aim to make sure your child gets the best from their tuition.

Affordable tuition in Nottingham 

Affordable Tuition

We make it easy and affordable. You can choose to book individual sessions or book a group of sessions.



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Find A Tuition Session Near You

Find an education centre near you to start your child's private tuition in Nottingham. We are always looking to expand our locations so that we can take on new students. Check the website frequently as we intend to add new locations and tutor times as soon as possible.